Saturday, June 28, 2008

She's back...

so, I am back from my va-cay. Very nice week, I will try to post some photos later. I warmed up to work this week, putting off the email. I had 'only' 438 messages in my email in-box. Why do they think I need discount pharmaceuticals and enhancements oh-so-badly? I was able to weed through a few and saw a note from Elaine Ray about this fab ring created by Melanie of Earthenwood Studio. Elaine was looking out for me on my vacation-I wonder if she knew I'd have so many important offers to consider on my return?

Thanks Elaine and thanks to Melanie, too!

(And a big, extra, you-got-my-back thanks to Elaine for letting me know I called Melanie 'Melissa' when I first posted this. D-oy!)