Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I would so fire me...

if I worked for me.

Let me explain.

Yesterday I was working on our store newsletter and when it was finished I printed it our and then sent it to the 5600 sweet folks who want to read my drivel. I took the print out to the cash register at Ornamentea and left it there for staff to read. I went home.

A few hours later the fabulous Tracy called me to point out that of the five special events I had listed in the email, the main two were not this weekend but next weekend.
Uh oh. So I had just sent this email out to 5600 people telling them to come to our store this Saturday for events that were occurring NEXT Saturday. Great. Really, really great. I figured out just what I would say in my 'oops, I got it wrong' email that I would send later. I put my children to bed. I tidied up the living room and still worked, mentally, on my 'oops' email. Around 9:00 pm my husband called from work and told me that I had not actually sent the email as I had neglected to click an important box (the one that says 'send now' and is the largest, orangest button on the page.) WOW. How fortuitous. My first screw up was saved by my second screw up. Nice.

So, I edited the email and it went out RIGHT. Nice. But the main point of all this is the fact that I really mess up a lot. Really. If I worked for me, I think I might have to fire me. If not for this event last night, maybe for the time I set off the store alarm because I just opened the door to check if the paint was dry on the floor (which I could in no way cross as it was still quite wet, which I told the officer who showed up for the alarm call.) Or, really, maybe the million times I have forgotten an appointment or the fact that I booked a show the week I was going to be on vacation. Half the people that work at the stores probably spend most of their time trying to cover up my errors. Luckily for me, I am a much better judge of staff capabilities than I am of my own capabilities.

Business tip for all you complete idiots Mompreneurs out there: hire really smart folks to make up for your failings/forgettings. It's worth it.