Friday, July 04, 2008

Fine Art, Popsicles and Bad Mommy

We had our opening at Locopops Thursday night. The paintings were very well received. The critics were, you could say, impressed. Or they were just enjoying their pops.

The funniest thing was the expression on all the faces of the 'regular' Locopops customers who were a bit confused watching us all talk about the paintings.

After the opening we adjourned to a nearby establishment (the Player's Retreat, we are that kind of swanky gals) for drinks and french fries. In this picture you have proof that I am a bad mommy. Nora has a glazed expression on her face caused by her watching Mollie eat a whole plate of french fries. Or that expression could say 'gee, my mommy fed me three pops and now french fries in a bar-what's next?'

The next day she ate a balanced diet with no fried foods, took two naps and played with wholesome, handmade toys all day. Not a pop was had.

*we all love the PR as it is the place Janet used to get drunk, the place Libby used to work, the place Galen used to love to play darts and many, many more reasons.