Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cupcakes and clean plates

We had delicious double layer Twins Cookies last night to celebrate hubby's birthday. They were made by the magicians at Twin's Kitchen. Yummy. The generous twins sent along a box with four sweet extra cupcakes that somehow remained hidden in our fridge until just a bit ago. Both girls asleep, hubby just home from work, the house a serious mess and we are putting on some music and cleaning up and licking the icing from our fingers. I have other, actual, work to do here on my trusty laptop* but I am blogging in between putting up all the dishes and dollies and colored pencils and hubby is washing, washing, washing.

Since we trade off time with our girls and time at work we are rarely in the same place at the same time except for breakfast and dinner (we always eat together!) and meals with children require a good bit of child-level and or interrupted dialog. The nightly clean up is one time when we can finish our sentences and even ask questions. You know, have a conversation. I seriously love to clean the kitchen with my husband.

So, dishes to wipe.

Oh, the Twins are at the Moore Square Farmer's Market on Wednesday. They'll also be at Ornamentea for the Designer's Downtown Market on July 19th. That's right out my front door. Extra yummy.

*why is it called a laptop when it lives on my kitchen counter? shouldn't I call it a countertop?