Sunday, June 29, 2008

Color screen earring tutorial

These earrings feature large kidney wires and flat floral screens. I have backed the screens with some paper smoothed on with resin. The paper adds a nice bit of color to all that metal, sort of like stained glass windows. These are very lightweight and not hard to wear at all.

To make your own pair you'll need:
2 antique brass flat floral screens, I used the 16 Daisies Plate but you can use any flat filigree or stamping
2 antique brass large kidney wires
2 antique brass jump rings, 7 mm
red hand dyed silk, cut two 2" pieces
large tube crimps
Paper (I suggest trying some Decopatch)
Diamond Glaze
plastic wrap (tape this to the top of your table to keep the Diamond Glaze from coating your work space!)
chain nose pliers

Cut two pieces of the paper to fit just inside the back of the screens.
Using the Diamond Glaze, coat both sides of one piece of paper and carefully place on the back of the screen. Press down with your fingertip. Set aside and allow to dry about 20 minutes. Repeat with the other screen.

Feed one piece of the red silk through a large crimp, through a jump ring and then back through the crimp. Pull until the crimp is close to the jump ring and flatten the crimp with your pliers. Repeat with the other piece of silk.

Open one of the kidney wires and feed the end through the hole at the top of the floral screen and then through one of jump rings. Make sure the screen hangs 'forward' on the ear wire. Repeat with the remaining parts to create your second earring.

Here's a shot of the back to show the paper details:

I did a couple of projects like this for the book that didn't make the final cut. I really like backing Filigree with paper-it adds some nice color without adding weight. Since these orange earrings go with my current hair swirl, I will probably wear them quite a bit, they are lightweight and pretty.