Friday, August 08, 2008

Am I crazy?

Well, maybe. If you remember, last summer was filled with loads of work on my book (Beading With Filigree, see the button, top left!) coming out this month from Lark Books. The book will be out soon, and as soon as we have an actual date we'll schedule a party. If you are in the area and you ordered the book with the free kit, you can come pick it up at the party. There will be a drawing for a filigree fantasy kit and more great items that you can enter...

It is good that this book is almost here. I have started work on book #2. Yes, that is the 'crazy' part. What am I thinking? Last time I was up until the wee hours way too much. I lost a whole season in my garden, didn't read the paper for months and even gave up most other forms of 'craft' for the book projects. Somehow, though, it was fun. The next book will be about ways to incorporate words into your jewelry. I love to add special words and phrases to my work, either for the simple poetry of the specific word or because of a special meaning the word or words hold for me. This book will be all about the ways you can do just that. I am also going to get to work with a few of my favorite artists on this project as I talked the folks at Lark into letting me add some other talented designers.

So I am crazy, but maybe it's a good crazy.