Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Unfinished business

I am teaching two new classes this fall. I love to teach and it's one of my favorite things to do at the stores but somehow, I never get my samples done in time. I have about 20 half-done class projects on my desk in the studio right now. These two made it out. They are variations on the same technique with different results. The very bright Miami Garden necklace uses a filigree base and the Moon Garden necklace is simple wire twining. I love that both of these use light-as-can-be resin beads. The Miami Garden pendant could even be an earring it's so light! This technique works with all types of beads, though, so you can use your favorite style of beads and colors that work with your wardrobe. I may make one in class that uses some of Elaine's beads mixed with Swarovski crystals...

Take the Miami Garden necklace class at Ornamentea by calling 919-834-6260 or the Moon Garden necklace at Panopolie by calling 919-872-4767.

What else am I planning on teaching IF I can get my samples done? Well, there will be a filigree project or two. I may do the over-the-top necklace from the book (see a peek of it in my blog header.) That would be an all-day class as it uses every filigree beading technique from the book. I want to do the wire basket, and I have a knotted stone necklace that uses Green Girl pendants. There is also a herringbone woven pendant/hammered collar that I keep working with and a few beaded screen pieces that should be finished. Somehow, the finishing is so much harder than the starting. I wonder why? This is a major struggle in my adult life - finishing things - and I can see that I probably need hours and hours of therapy to figure it all out. The fact is, though, that if I had hours and hours I could just FINISH the things I have started, right? Is that the actual problem? Self discipline? Do you have this problem?

(I will note that I did just finish this blog post, so it's not EVERYTHING that is unfinished!)