Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Prep Maynard has a chain making class coming up at Ornamentea this week. He's a retired engineer who has been making chains for decades. He's precise and detailed-a real engineer-who brings that problem solving personality to jewelry making. I happen to enjoy engineers, although I know some women think they are dry. I like the ability to fix things, the intelligence and the great collections of mechanical pencils. My husband is an engineer, or he was before I dragged him into the world of bead entrepreneurship. At our house his training has translated to a large collection of short wave radios and cameras and some forays into electronic music-making, but not lapidary and chain making supplies.

I wonder if my husband would like to take Prep's class?

You'll learn three different chain styles and make one bracelet. This is a great guy or girl project, call Ornamentea to register at 919-834-6260.