Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Art of Plastics and Resin (book review)

Oh, I love this new book by Debra Adelson. The swank, silver-and-plastic cover piece is cool and smooth. The projects range from shaped and polished acrylic to cast resins. There is a stacked paper ring on page 44 that makes me want to go through all my scraps of lovely hand-made papers and start stacking and clamping...but the best part of the book is the many, many gallery images she has included throughout the book. The projects are inspirational and range from the Art to Wear to just plain art. There is even a project that uses plastic embroidery canvas (last seen on toilet paper covers in your Great Aunt Ida's bathroom!) You'll appreciate her tips on safety and tools to use. Everything is clear and informative, especially the way she breaks down the differences between acrylic and resins. I already have so many of the things I need to make many of these projects; files and goggles and drill bits and sand-paper. I can make that ring I love with the ICE resin and will use some of our Nepalese paper scraps layered up for color.

The book's author, Debra Adelson, is a metalsmith who sells her work around the world. Her clean designs and clear directions make this book one that will join my permanent studio book collection. See the book in both stores this week.

*The ICE resin is expected in stores and on-line later this week...LOTS of it, Lois tells me.