Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Masters Of Beadweaving (book review)

This inspirational book is from Carol Wilcox Wells, the author of The Art and Elegance of Beadweaving. Wells has put together a collection of works by contemporary master beadweavers that is both comprehensive and genre-pushing. There are wearable, architectural and decorative pieces that range in size from small (rings) to large (full Kimono created in beads.) You'll love the amazing photos of intense artworks created with just a few tiny beads and thread, or, in some cases, a few hundred thousand tiny beads and lots and lot of thread. The ideas and concepts in many of these pieces of bead art are mind boggling. I really enjoyed just letting my eyes travel around the path the threads took to link the beads together. I imagined the artists working on their ideas-going from concept to realized thought. Beadweaving when practiced at this level is, I imagine, filled with intention and meditation. This book is a coffee table book for any beader, a great gift for yourself or another and filled with inspiration.

Look for photos of Marcia DeCoster's work and don't forget to take her class at Panopolie in November!