Monday, September 15, 2008

Marcia DeCoster is teaching at Panopolie!

We are so excited to have the fabulous Marcia DeCoster teaching one of her newest designs at Panopolie on November 15th. She'll show you how to make the fabulous Romantica necklace. This is NOT a picture of that necklace...

When I first saw Marcia in Ornamentea I thought "oh, she looks interesting, I think I want to get to know her." Well, I was right, she is interesting. I had a great chat with her and her husband. We talked about the NCMA. We talked about her upcoming book. She's working with Lark, my publisher and the pic here is one of the projects that will be in the book. We talked about her teaching with us while she is on the East coast and we sorta, kinda set a date.

So months pass and I basically blew her off. Yep. This is a woman who's bead work riveted me the moment she walked in the store PLUS she's on the cover/inside just about every beading magazine we carry PLUS she teaches multiple classes at every Bead&Button show to sell out crowds and I just didn't call her when she said she wanted to teach for us. Dear beader, I almost blew it. Lucky for me, Marcia is gracious and is still planning on coming to see us. Call Panopolie to register - 919-872-4767.