Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We have new beady cupcakes by Lori of Isabel Rose...I adore these sweet cupcakes and think I will have to add one to to a necklace...although we are selling them on lovely ribbons, ready to wear. What a great birthday gift for a friend. Find them at Ornamentea and Panopolie and soon I hope, at Ornamentea.com.*

In addition to cupcakes Lori also makes acorns that are softly colored, cartoonish (not scary) sculls, hearts, dog bones and other iconic glass beads. She's a working arty mom (like me) and I love her beads. I think I have to get that one on the left hand side with the pink...it's calling my name.

*are you reading this Lori? I am holding you to it...Loriola on Ornamentea.com!