Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Charm Exchange photos

Well, we have gotten in several great charms so far for the Swap/Exchange*. I took a quick photo of a few that I could get out of their lovely packaging. The two soldered glass charms are from the same person, as are the seashell and the flower charm. See, you don't have to make them all alike! Or, you can make them all alike! Whatever makes you happy.

The second picture features the packaging that many of the charms are wrapped in. From simple (the waxed envelope) to complex (the fab gifty one in the back, or the neato tin that matches the charm inside) the wrapping is a nice extra. For a really, really nice extra put your name with the charm so folks will be able to say "oh, this charm? Cynthia made it for the Charm Exchange"

Still looking for great charm ideas? I love all the neato charms at Amber Dawn's Swap Site. She hosts the premier swaps, according to my swappy friend Orla. I love the name bottle idea...scroll down and click away for loads more neato charms. Let me know if you have any other ideas by leaving a comment. I will publish the best links and images.

If I have shown off one of your charms here I promise that I put it back where it needed to go, right back in the sweet package just the way you wrapped it. Promise!

*Sometimes I call it an Exchange, sometimes I call it a Swap. What does this say about me? That I am inconsistent and maybe a bit mentally disorganized? That's my guess.