Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Metal Mesh Fall Necklace

This necklace uses metal mesh and an assortment of left-over beads. The metal mesh can really unify beads you wouldn't usually mix together. I used an assortment of plastic and resin beads so my necklace is also very lightweight.
The length is a perfect 30 inches so you can just slip it over your head, no need for a clasp. I'm easy that way...

You will need:
- 30 inches copper mesh
- 30 inches antique copper nautical link chain or any large link chain
- 2 antique copper knot covers
- 2 antique copper jump rings, 7 mm
- Beads! I used 15 lucite beads from our mix ranging in size from 1/4" to 3/4"
- chain nose pliers
- scissors
- dull pencil or chop stick (to open up the mesh!)

1. Roll end of the mesh between your finger and thumb and slip it through the knot cover as shown. Knot it close to the end and trim the remainder.

2. Open the other end of the mesh with a dull pencil or a chop stick. Be careful, the mesh will run just like pantyhose (remember those?)

3. Slip in a bead and knot the mesh tightly close to the bead. Repeat until you have a 12 inch strand of knotted beads. Finish the other end with the remaining knot cover.

4. Count down 19 links from one end of the chain. Mark this link. Using chain nose pliers gently open a jump ring and attach one of the knot cover loops to the chain on this link. Count from the other end of the chain to the 19th link and attach the remaining knot cover with the remaining jump ring.

5. Open one link at the end of the chain and attach it to the other end of the chain. Close securely.