Friday, October 31, 2008

Earthenwood Studios Keyhole Pendant necklace

I ordered a bunch of links and stones from Melanie of Earthenwood Studios and have been enjoying them. Really, I have many of them on a dish on my work table and they are so pretty I just keep playing with them. The other day I decided some commitment was in order and I worked up this simple necklace using a Keyhole pendant and a rusty key and some scraps of chain. I began by attaching the ring to the chain with a rectangular jump ring and used the second rectangular jump ring to attach the chain dangles and the pendant to the ring, making sure the chain dangles hung behind the pendant. I should tell you that I am inordinately proud of the way I went about attaching the chain directly to the key for a toggle. It made me giddy when I did it, the chain just fits. I love when that happens!

To make this necklace I used the Rolo Borneo chain, the Rolo Epact chain, a 2 Rectangular jump rings, a reproduction key, a keyhole pendant and a carved stone ring. That's all. It wears nicely.

We have a great selection of Melanie's pendants and links at both Panopolie and Ornamentea or you can order them on line directly from her here. Let her know that you saw this project on shiny little things.