Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We've been seen at Art Bead Scene!

Tari Sasser has created this fab pendant idea using our Frame Locket for her Ten Dollar Tuesday project this week. Nice work, Tari! I love reading the ABS blog; the jewelry is inspiring and the studio snippets are nice, too. Check it out at Art Bead Scene.

Now about Candy Corn, well, I am sort of mixed on that. I am a chocolate person. Candy that is mostly sugar with some other flavor often seems like a complete waste of chewing or calories or both. I mean, seriously, Lifesavers? Why? But seasonal, once-a-year candies do seem worth it, if only for the nostalgic, it's that time again, feeling. I do not buy Candy Corn, however, as fifteen kernels or so into the bag I am done and then there it sits, getting stale and looking corny.

This pendant is the best way to enjoy it, I think.