Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Make a Weathered Bezel with Laurel

I love this new class we have at Ornamentea. This weathered looking bezel setting is made with soft, stained glass solder and copper. It's a way to create your own bezel settings without the open flame of a torch. Some folks are scared of open flames. I should be as I burnt up my big 80s hair bangs, time and time again, in the jewelry studios back at Ohio State*. Someone would say 'hey, do you smell something burning?' and I would realize my hair was sort of glowing. I am a bit nearsighted and I kept getting too close to the torch to make sure I could really see that solder flowing. Eventually I got glasses and cut my hair. The 80's couldn't last forever.

This class doesn't use an open, flamey torch but the (safer but really hot) stained glass soldering iron. No flames, let your giant rock-n-roll hair free. I think it would be nice to make some of these with two or even four rings and link them together. This one has a nice brass charm sealed behind ICE resin, but you could use a photo or other object. Maybe a lock of hair.

* I was there in the late 80s, me and 82,000 other people. I was the one with big hair, short leather miniskirts and a yellow Sony walkman with a mixed cassette tape in it. Yep, that girl.