Thursday, October 09, 2008

Weekly Projects

Ok, it's too busy here for me to get anything finished. Nora, who should be napping RIGHT NOW is instead telling me that I WILL play blocks with her. And so I will. But first, here are some Weekly Projects from some friends. Thanks, friends!

From Candie Cooper and her friends at Simply Beads comes these how-tos using Ranger Alcohol Inks, Memory Glass and other do-dads. We have the Memory Glass and Frames and Alcohol Inks, I don't have any idea where you could find assorted do-dads.

From Betz White the so-sweet fall acorn felties. I love these little guys. I made them last year and scattered them on the mantle at our house. When friends commented on them I would say, oh, take one home! The look of joy on faces as folks selected their favorite made it a craft I will repeat this year. They'll do double duty as package tie-ons at Christmas, if you have any left by then!

And from Angry Chicken*, this gussied up sweater idea. I would use this ribbon and maybe do a bit of button changing, too.

*Angry Chicken is not technically my friend. She doesn't even know me, she's more of a stalk-ee as I read her blog and think I know her. But I really want to go to dinner at her house and would bring my own girlies, dressed in aprons!