Thursday, November 13, 2008

So tonight I am working on the new book (Jewelry with a Message, Lark Books 2009*) and I was going through the pictures on my computer looking for an idea that I know is there, somewhere. I found this idea. It was supposed to be in the first book (Beading With Filigree!*) but it was rejected. Why? It's pretty lovely, I think. Is it the red-and-silver color scheme? The mix of fiber and beads? I don't know. I think it's pretty swank looking, why didn't it go anywhere? It lives in a lonely bag in a box of misfits.

Has that happened to you? Do you have any ideas that just didn't go anywhere, that didn't work out? In that box of partially finished projects are some that aren't finished because I lost interest, and some that aren't finished because they shouldn't be finished. They just didn't work out; the beads did not fit correctly, or the colors looked odd when I saw them put together. Sometimes I just take all the parts and put them back in their little bins, to get used again, but sometimes I like to keep them together to try to figure out why, exactly, that idea didn't work.

So now that I have looked at the photo of this piece of jewelry I think I will just go get it and put it on. Maybe it's lonely.

*Shameless self promotion, sorry!