Monday, November 17, 2008

Collaged Crystal Contest

I love these large, ultra clear pendant crystals we got in. They are BIG and look like glass but they are light, light, light. I am working on some projects for the new book using them as prisms. I use resin to attach the paper to the back of the crystal. I am thinking of a necklace for the book, but somehow when I sat down to work on this project I got a pair of earrings, instead.

What ingredients did I use?
2 large faceted pear pendants
dictionary paper
Diamond Glaze resin
2 olive green Swarovski crystals, 6 mm
2 antique tiny petal bead caps
2 fancy jump rings
2 antique brass simple ear loops
2 antique brass head pins

What tools did I use?

1 small paint brush
1 craft knife
1 emery board
2 chain nose pliers
1 round nose pliers

How do I do this?
1. Select the section of paper you wish to apply to the crystal. Using resin and a small paint brush, coat the front of the crystal. Place the crystal on the paper.

2. Using sharp scissors cut a series of slits perpendicular with the edge, creating flaps all the way around the crystal. Smooth the paper down onto the wet resin, overlapping the paper as needed. Allow to dry.
3. Using a sharp craft knife trim the excess paper from the edge of the crystal. Use an emery board to sand any glue or bits of paper left around the edge of the crystal, creating a matte finish.
4. Flip the crystal over and coat the back of the paper with resin to seal the surface. Allow to dry.
5. Thread a head pin with one crystal and one bead cap. Create a wrapped loop above the bead cap. Repeat with remaining headpin, crystal and bead cap.
6. Using chain nose pliers, thread a large jump ring through one of the crystals, adding the looped bead dangle. Close securely. Using the decorative jump ring, attach the large jump ring to the ear wire. Repeat to assemble other earring.
The Contest!
These earrings feature the words Clarify and Decisive. They'll help the wearer make up her mind. Make your own collaged crystal jewelry and send me a picture by November 30th. I will don these earrings and randomly draw one name from a hat. The winner will get a fabulous bag of goodies from me! Tell your friends...