Monday, December 29, 2008

Candie Cooper

Ok, I am going to get all those blog posts off my 'to do' list! Up first, the photos from the fun day with Candie Cooper. I wish, oh-how-I-wish, that these photos had sound. Candie is funny, with wisecracks and slightly off-color* humor delivered in a Midwestern, Pee-Wee Herman accent. No one was offended, all had a great time.

(*in the Midwest, 'off-color' means words like bosoms and rear-end. I am from Ohio, the word fart makes me feel bad!)

We played with wool roving and made bead caps out of old cookie tins. I had a huge time and wanted to stay until the wee hours but was worn out by about eight p.m. We wet felted, needle felted, embroidered felt beads, talked, gossiped and played with tools.

Here Candie is showing off her cutting skills on an ugly tin lid that will become really lovely beadcaps...

Here is Christopher working on her own ugly tin lid...what you cannot see are her teeny-weeny, ultra precise wet felted beads.

This is me being schooled in how to sign a book by Candie. This inscription makes me feel so fab. I will read it when I am having a bad day. Candie really knows how to do the Author thing. Sorry, this makes me so sad for the three-word book signings I did. What can I say, I didn't know? Marcia, if you read this send me your book and I will do you proud!

That hole punch works on ugly tin lids! SOOOOO much easier than a Dremel!

This is Stacy, she was obsessed with making matching sets of felt beads and darn it if she didn't succeed. Since I don't ever try to match ANYTHING I was in awe.

This is Candie's wet felting sheet demo that would, apparently, be better if she had a big, shelf-like bosom. We all loved the demo even with less zaftig props. Orla and Nicola were highly attentive although you can see from the photo they were practically felting along with the instructor. Hands in your laps, ladies, and put on your listening ears!

A last shot before we went out the door...there I am with Candie...I am gonna have to buy that girl a drink next time I see her. And teach her to curse.