Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Staff Holiday Party...lots of fun

We had a great party tonight at the Globe. The delish food (mmm, spicy local pork tacos, beets with horseradish cream cheese and more yummies...)and even better drinks made all our tummies happy and we really enjoyed the fun of the gift exchange. Every year we have a handmade gift exchange. Each person makes a gift and then we draw numbers and folks get a gift...this year I made a lamp and Galen made a fudgey brownie medley. We had hand knit washcloths, decorated switch plates, journals, knitty jewelry and more. I got an amazing picture of a celebrity in our store. I will share that soon, for now you will just have to enjoy this picture of Lois wearing a lampshade on her head...almost.

The folks at the Globe really treated us right. The food was, as I said, excellent, and the service was nice, too. It felt more like we were in a really nice house than in a restaurant. A house with amazing bathrooms, I might add.

I hope you have some fun holiday parties to go to this year...our staff party is my favorite. I am going to put up more pics tomorrow...after I get some sleep.