Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Tracy gets really happy-

Nice shoes!

Melissa has no idea who the guy in the black sweater is but he's cute, I hope she got his number!

Hailey and Heidi, the dangerous duo!

Gift joy for all -

Melissa wears a box lid as a hat, or does that hat work as a box lid?

And earlier in the evening this was Mom and Dad heading out for a fancy night-

This was the gift Galen made..check out the wrapping on those brownies! Watch out Martha!

I hope your work parties are this much fun-we really do like each other a lot here and this party is one opportunity to show it to each other AND to wear our fancy shoes and be silly! We have done a party every year since the business began. At first they were fondue affairs on our tiny back porch with lots of beer and bread and cheese. Since we have outgrown our own house we go to a different place each year. This party was so nice as the Globe is homey and the food is really great but it's not too expensive (shhh! don't tell!) which makes my spouse happy. He has to balance the books, after all. I have thought about getting a professional photographer to document the party and think I will do that next year. About half of my photos were a bit blurry...musta been the Pomegranate Margaritas!