Friday, January 09, 2009

Metalsmithing Bootcamp!

We are going to have another Crafty Slumber Party at Panopolie this month. On Friday, January 30th you can learn to fuse silver, cold forge silver and work with silver clay all in one night*. We'll also have food and wine and fun. I love these parties; I get to hang out at the store late at night and sometimes I even stop talking long enough to make something of my own. Mostly I just oogle other's projects, eat tasty snacks and fill people's drinks. Sometimes I wear pjs. That's optional.

Register early, these Slumber Parties fill up. Call Panopolie at 919-872-4767. You can't actually stay overnight at the store, but the new Hilton Garden Inn is just behind us and you could stay there if the craftiness overwhelms you!

*actually, you can watch all three but you can only take two of the three classes, we are amazing but we can't do miracles!