Monday, January 12, 2009

What I would rather be doing...

Tomorrow I have to get a filling replaced. It's been in my mouth for about 30 years or so and gave up recently. I am not one of those people who hates the dentist. I grew up going to the dentist who lived across the street; a visit to the dentist was just a trip to see my friend's dad where I got a new toothbrush and a lollipop*. I enjoy the slick and minty feeling my teeth have when I leave the dentist after my regular cleanings. I tend to drift off in the dental chair like a hippo in the mud; the hygienist a chatty bird. Still, I don't look forward to tomorrow as I would rather be at Ornamentea making three pairs of earrings with Ndidi. I have played a bit with Art Clay Silver but not enough. I have some hoarded away that I want to use-it's part of my opening of boxes. I also think a small pair of earrings tucked in a card or note would be really nice, and since that's another resolution of mine I was hoping to tick two things off the list tomorrow morning. Instead I will just be a dozy hippo, reclined and minty.

(If your teeth are just fine, call and register for class today. There are still a couple of spaces. Tonya has some spaces in her class this weekend, too. Dentists don't usually work on Saturdays, do they?)

*yes, I am old enough that I remember when you received a lollipop from your dentist as a reward for sitting in the chair with minimal squirm. This was a few years before the irony of that treat hit the Society of American Dental Treat Manufacturers and they turned to stickers, tiny plastic animals and choking-hazard plastic rings.