Monday, January 26, 2009

Notes from CHA

I really am working hard here at the show. I spent some time on Sunday walking around and looking at loads of great new items for the store. I also spent time meeting some crafty celebrities at the Lark Books booth.

Here I am with Candie Cooper in the Plaid booth. She was working there as a demo artist and her demos had folks lined up for hours. Somehow I allowed her to rope me into her evening plans and the next thing I knew...

We were having drinks with Donna Dewberry. Yes, that Donna Dewberry. You have seen her on television a million times and in person, she's the nicest woman you'll ever meet. Before I could get to know Donna really well, though, I found myself off to dinner...

with the Crochet Dude. Yes, he's even funnier in person AND his cat is named Cleo! Obviously, after my grandmother and daughter...

We ended up the night hanging out with the Beadalon folks and Katie Hacker. She's written about 100 beading books (only a slight exaggeration!) and she's also a mom and an organic farmer. Do you love her? This is a picture of Katie taking a picture of me taking a picture.

Just in case you think that all we do at Craft Industry trade shows is drink, here is a picture from today. I am standing with Thomas Mann at his booth. He has dvds with fab sawing lessons and KITS that you can use to make awesome TechnoRomantic jewels. YES, of course I ordered them for you!

Please excuse the bad picture of these kits. I swear, you'll love them when you see them. And the How to Saw dvd is so fabulous. Thomas promises he can improve anyone's sawing in just 30 minutes and I think he's right. We'll also have some of his exclusive parts, special textured metals and more fun goodies.

That photo at the top of this post is of a display I really liked with some filigree and watch part adorned birds...tweet tweet!