Monday, February 23, 2009

Mickey Rourke's Dog Necklace

I rarely see any movies in the decade they are released but I still like to watch the Oscars. I like to have at least a passing acquaintance with all the fancy celebrities and I need to check out the trends in red carpet wear in case the school car-pool line has a dress code revision. My favorite part of the Oscars this year? Mickey's dog necklace. Seriously. The dresses and jewelry on all the women were pretty ho-hum. No one took any chances. Except Mickey. I couldn't decide if he looked wonderful or like he needed a shower. Or like he needed a wonderful shower (oh! did I just type that?) Mickey seemed to be channeling Oscar Wilde but with the wardrobe assistance of Trent Reznor and that guy from The Pick Up Artist. He had a Look and he had some Flash. I couldn't decide if I like it or hated it or was just unbelievably now a Mickey Roarke fan, then I started really looking at his accessories. The dog necklace was initially perplexing but thank goodness we have the internet. Life's mysteries need only a few clicks to be solved. The necklace features Mr. Roarke's late chihuahua, Loki. The dog was his constant companion but just passed away at 18 years old. That's really, really old for a dog. Heck, I think that's pretty old for a cat. That tore it; Mickey looks fierce and that necklace is fabulous.

Maybe I should post a tutorial on how to make your own dog memorial necklace with resin and a bezel. Perhaps I could get Mickey to be our spokesperson. Maybe I can get my husband a white suit.

(I got this picture of Mickey from the blog Dog Art Today. Yes, it's a blog about dog art, today.)