Monday, March 30, 2009

Crafty Slumber Party at Panopolie

We had a Charm Exchange Slumber party at Panopolie this last weekend and it was lots of fun. There were three make-n-take classes and, of course, charms were swapped. Some of the charms are shown above, including some packaging. I sometimes get so excited just looking at how the charms are wrapped that I hate to unwrap them! Susan created tiny bags cut from circles of calico and wrapped up with vintage buttons to hold her soldered charms and Tracy stitched seed catalog papers together into flat bags to hold her botanical-themed charms. Ndidi sewed her charm onto a paper tag - a simple but effective presentation. Sometimes the presentation does not last - several folks at the exchange unwrapped their charms and put them, instantly, onto their necklaces or bracelets!
We always keep our work areas VERY, VERY neat and clean...
Dawn used the new metal punches to create a tiny stamped charm...
Elaine and Susan were able to share the stamps without any arguements. It is nice to share.

We made stuff, swapped stuff, chatted, learned new things and generally had a good time. If you weren't there, we missed you!

Some pictures that were taken that didn't turn out (and I am so sad!) so I didn't post them include one party attendee wearing a tiny basket on her head, one party attendee who brings her own wine glass, and a giant, giant mess created when a pot of pigment just, somehow, spilled on it's own...sorry, ladies, I have to have some quality standards!

The next Charm Exchange? It's coming up in early October...we are thinking of having a themed swap. If you have a theme idea, please post it here in the comments section or email me...

can't wait for our swap? Try Amber Dawn's very well run swaps or visit Swap-Bot.