Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Charm Bracelet How-to

This charm bracelet has a band of color created by two strands of hand-dyed silk in bright blue. The mix of metals is interesting and the repetition of the round shapes is enhanced by pairing smaller charms with round metal rings. This is a great way to use up those charms you love but haven't found just the right home for...let them travel with you this spring! You can lengthen this to anklet-size by adding 1-2" to the chain and ribbon.

Of course, all tools and supplies are available at or at Ornamentea or Panopolie in Raleigh!

antique brass large knurled oval chain, 7 inches
10 antique brass square jump rings
antique brass lobster claw clasp, 9x17 mm
2 hand dyed silk strands, cut to 7 inches
2 antique brass fold over ends
compass points charm
no evil monkey charm
heart charm
key ring charm
oyster charm
peace sign charm
celestial zodiac charm
2 stamped brass charms (moon, heart)
1 wavy silver ring, 22 mm
2 hammered copper rings, 22 mm
2 hammered silver ring, 22 mm

Chain nose pliers (I use these)

1. Line up both pieces of silk. Use your chain nose pliers to attach one fold over ribbon end to the silk. Repeat with other end of the silk strands.

2. With your chain nose pliers, gently open the link at the end of the chain and fit it through the ring on the lobster claw and one of the fold over ends. Close securely. Open one of the square jump rings and attach it to the other end of the chain and remaining fold over end, close securely.

3. Line up the charms in the order you wish to use them. Mix the metals, putting silver with brass or copper with silver until you are pleased with the result. Use the square jump rings to attach the charms to the bracelet chain, going around the two silk strands.

Download a PDF of this project here.