Thursday, April 30, 2009

getting dressy...

Ahh, the dress quest continues and is fruitful. I found this fabulous polka-dotted dress from Galatea that makes me oh-so-happy. When I put it on, it made me feel both efficient and a little bit naughty. I had to bring it home. I think I may add a snap at the neckline to make it less naughty, but otherwise it fit so perfectly I almost laughed out loud in the dressing room!

There are loads of great dresses at Get Dressed, too, and just across the street from Ornamentea. I have to walk over there and spend some time going through all the racks of vintage goodies and look for items in my size.

Thanks to all the folks who emailed me dress buying tips!

(oh, Galatea now has a consignment section where you can sell gently-used clothing that you previously purchased at Galatea. The problem for me is that I don't have a SINGLE thing I have purchased there that I didn't wear down to the bare threads. I did, however, see a great slip dress on the consignment rack for just $20...)