Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Copyright, very well put!

We have recently been discussing copyright issues at the stores A LOT. We have a customer who is coming in to the stores and very quietly copying projects from magazines and books and then not buying the books. Her take on it is that the projects are there to copy. Our position is that the projects are there to copy if you buy the book. It's pretty cheeky of her; she has even asked for pen and paper to do this and seems to carefully look for the newest staff members to ask...she's pretty quiet and since we encourage our customers to sit for long stretches at the work tables and look through our books or work on their projects she can sometimes get through most of an article before we notice. We decided to make up some signs to put about the stores to explain this issue better, especially since she does seem to have a reverence for the written word! In researching this, my hubby/business partner found this site with one of the best explanations of copyright I have ever read, with perfect real-life examples of violations. Check it out:

And thanks to Sylvia!

(We are trying to avoid calling the police on this customer, but it's getting pretty close!)