Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Spoonful of Sugar Necklace

No apologies to Mary. This necklace is so sweet, put photos of those darling English children in the locket and wear the necklace as you are whisked away by a spring breeze...

Start by putting a nice hole in the handle of the spoon. I used the Eurotool 1.8 mm punch, but you can use the Two Hole Punch if you wish...the 1.8 mm punch isn't up on the site (technical difficulty!) but we have them to sell, just call us!
When you use ANY hand-powered punch remember that slow and steady is the way to go. Don't try to power through the hole making or you'll end up with bent punches! Grip the punch and s-l-o-w-l-y put pressure on it to make the hole.
The next thing to do is put your message in the spoon. I went for the obvious but sweet 'sugar' in the bowl of the spoon. Big hint; start your word in the center of the space and with the center letter of the word. You'll have instant spacing success! The 1/8 inch punches leave a nice legible message. For a more delicate message, or to be more bold, we have smaller and larger punches.

With your round nose pliers wire wrap a 2" section of 20 gauge wire and thread it through a tulip bead cap. The 10 mm pearl will fit just inside the cap, or you can gently squeeze the petals of the tulip to make it fit. Wire wrap the remaining 20 gauge wire at the top of the bead cap and trim any excess.
Then you can use the fabulous square jump rings to attach the charms to the loop. I love those square jump rings. They are an unexpected shape AND super strong!

Use a square jump ring to attach the chain sections to the top of the dangle.
Use double jump rings to attach both halves of the toggle. I like doubling up the jump rings when I use thinner gauges so that they are extra strong. It also looks a bit more 'finished' to me.

All the supplies for this necklace can be found at