Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How To Decopatch (Decoupage) Shoes

Recently a mom was in the store covering a pair of her son's worn out shoes with Decopatch paper. It seems that he wants something unusual. She carefully applied a nice layer of Decopatch Sealer to seal them up, since he wants to wear them.

This made me think about a messenger bag that is in the back of my closet. Even though it is so worn I refuse to carry it, I haven't gotten rid of it. The bag is made of vinyl billboard fabric, repurposed, and I bought it at least 15 years ago. I love the pockets inside, they are placed just right, and the strap is wide and comfortable. The 'indestructible' fabric is worn from years of travel and daily use. Perhaps I could freshen it up with some strategically placed Decopatch flowers?

This project was so easy. She first prepped the shoes by wiping them off with a cloth. If your shoes were dirty at all, I recommend a nice stiff brush, first. Just make sure the surface is clean and there are no bits of dirt on it. Apply the paper in small bits, using plenty of sealer both under and over the paper (it acts as a glue) to make sure your paper is STUCK!

This could be done to a pair of fancy heels, too. Imagine updating those darn patent-leather nude shoes we ALL have in our closet. Right now they say 'Hello, 2015!" but with a bit of deco patch they could say 'Hello, tomorrow!"