Sunday, June 28, 2009

You get to peck the winner!

The fabulous Fifi the hen was overwhelmed at the contest entries at the first (ever!) Chicken Jewelry Contest at Panopolie. She couldn't decide during the contest and had to retire to her coop with a nice glass of chardonnay* to peck a winner.

There are three categories that the entries could win.
Judges Favorite (Fifi already took care of that one!)
True to Theme (a secret panel of professional chicken jewelers decides this one)
Crowd Pleaser (you get to vote for this one right there in the left hand side of the blog!)

So, read up on the entries and vote. Voting closes on July 5th at 10:00 pm. I will announce the winners of all three categories in the store email on the 6th. Entries are listed by title and the artists first-name-only to protect reputations and make sure each artist can still hold down a design job in the future.

Chicken's Favorite features a tiny ear of corn made from Swarovski crystals. Eggstra points for bling! Glass corn beads and singing birds round out this sweet design.
artist: Tracy

Hen's Honey features an image of a fetching rooster with a bail created from chicken wire (eggstra points!) Note the use of organic materials (cherry pits and chicken feed) in this mixed media entry.
artist: Susan

Fit for a Queen is a tiara designed especially for a hen to wear to formal occasions. Eggstra points for the choice of sterling plated wire (more durable) and the ever-useful stand to hold the tiara when the hen is laying an egg.
Artist: Sher

Barnyard Friends features images of several of a hen's closest companions strung with yummy-looking beads. Eggstra points for the mirror (a hen loves to see herself!)
Artist: Nicola

Coop Bling is the most modern of the entries, with a sheer curtain of sparkling beads to accent a hen's best feature, her long neck. Eggstra points for the color, a sheer pink that brings out the color in Fifi's comb.
Artist: Kathy

Yellow and Orange features the favorite colors of chickens everywhere in a playful assortment. Eggstra points for the trendy 'Y' design and for knowing that chickens can see colors (they can!)
Artist: Erica

Pecker is a whimsical and (possibly) naughty design that features a barnyard take on a popular activity of 13-year-olds everywhere. Eggstra points for barnyard humor. Don't get the joke? Click here but be warned, it's a bit risque.
Artist: Erica

Rooster's Tail is a chic take on this season's hot fashion, the statement necklace. The draped beads evoke the tail of a handsome rooster and the rich colors say someone's been preening their feathers a lot! Eggstra points for lavish design.
Artist: Elizabeth
Chateau Polet is a bit of jolie-laide accessorizing that is both timeless and very of-the-moment. Note the mix of materials (shrink plastic, feathers, popcorn and a really nice sterling toggle!) and the use of actual food wins this entry eggstra points.
Artist: April

So, go vote for your favorite in the poll on the left side of this blog. What does the winner get? Well, that's the funny thing. I joked about the winner getting a hen for a week or two, but Fifi's booked up for months so I am still figuring out the prizes. Leave me a comment if you have any good ideas.

You can view contest photos here or scroll down...

*um, no, not a red, everyone knows that chickens are white wine drinkers! Fifi likes hers chilled, with an ice cube on a hot evening. She's a classy gal.