Friday, July 24, 2009

Book Review - Pretty Little Felts

One of the great things about my job is that I do get to meet a lot of amazing designers both in person and as telephone-pals. The author of this sweet book, Julie Collings, called me a few months ago to talk about our wool roving. We ended up having a l-o-n-g and chatty phone conversation that made me feel like I had made a friend. I was already familiar with Julie's book; I had seen it at a trade show before it was released and fell in love. The projects are so lovely and the mix of reuse and embellishment made me want to adorn so many things!

My favorite part of the entire book is the image of the dye chart the author made using overdyed wool from thrift store sweaters. I think I would put that dye chart in a frame and hang it on my wall! I also love the way useful items are made beautiful and may make a few of her needle cases for my crafty friends for the holidays this year...

Julie used a lot of wool roving and findings in her book, so you'll be able to find the supplies you need very easily! Find Pretty Little Felts here and at the stores.