Monday, July 20, 2009

Earring Class on Saturday...

I am teaching a class this Saturday with a project from my book. This project is one of my favorites. I did a pair of earrings for the book because we needed more earrings, but I think that I will make a necklace during the class. Imagine seven of these blossoms linked together in a dramatic necklace...mmm, pretty. Come join me for class at Ornamentea and you can make your own earrings or necklace.

(Yes, when you write a beaded jewelry book the editors make sure you have a nice balance between earrings and necklaces and bracelets. Oh, and they don't call pins 'pins' but 'brooches' which makes me feel very swank and kind of like I am putting on airs when I say it. Much like 'davenport' or 'pocketbook' or 'dressing gown.' )