Monday, July 06, 2009

Metals Club on Wednesday

Did you know we have a free Metals Club at Ornamentea? This club meets the second Wednesday of every month with great projects taught by club members. July's project will be chain-making using a few simple tools and various gauges of wire. Usually the club seems to have a thing for fire, but this month they are doing the cold work thing and creating some interesting chains.

Wanna come? The meeting starts at 6:15.

Just call the store at 919-834-6260 and reserve a seat as it fills up.

All tools and supplies are available at the store. Ask us to reserve yours to save time on Wednesday.

Supplies you will need to participate:

You will need 5' or more of the following: **

24ga copper wire or 24ga half hard wire
20ga copper wire or 20ga half hard wire
18ga copper wire or 18ga half hard wire

**The thinner the gauge, the finer the chain

Tools are available to share, but please bring your own, labeled with your name, so you can work uninterrupted.

Round nose pliers
2 pairs chain nose pliers
Nylon jaw pliers
Bench block
Rawhide mallet
Ball pein hammer (for base metal) or chasing hammer (sterling)

Needle or diamond files

Ruler with inches and mm

4-6mm beads that fit on 24 or 20 ga wire

1 brass tube, 11/32" or larger diameter

Eye protection

Optional, but extremely helpful:

Round/flat nose, looping pliers

Flat-half round forming pliers
Wire rounder


Flush cutters (These will reduce the amount of filing required)

Torch and fuel w/fire brick