Wednesday, July 08, 2009

She's good!

One of the things I say (often) to staff members here is that if they have some hidden talent I will find out about it and use it for my own nefarious purposes. This might mean finding out that someone has great handwriting and so they make the signs, or finding out that someone is a bit o.c.d. and putting them in charge of organizing tools or supplies. In the case of Jane, we found out that she takes amazing photographs. Her job is to be the Purchasing Manager, which means she spends a lot of time doing sales reports and reordering, reordering, reordering. She's busy, but when she has time she has taken some photos for our website and promotions. Her photos are good, so when she came to me with an idea for a class on taking photos of jewelry I said 'heck, yeah!'

Those classes have been very popular. The last one of the summer was today. The folks who took it were universally thrilled with their new photo talents. Tonight I saw some photos that a former student of Jane's took and I was amazed. Stacy Hartis sells her work at Sissy & Jacks on line and at local shows like the Designer's Downtown Market.

Come meet Stacy at the market on Saturday, you can tell her how much you love her photos!
Jane's next photo class will be in September, her Getting Started on Etsy class is next week.