Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Charm Exchange! I've got work to do!

There is a Charm Exchange Slumber Party coming up at Panopolie. I have been thinking of revisiting my ICE Resin and paper charms or maybe riveting some papers to metal. I still have about half of my initial 1,000 resined paper bits lurking on my table in the studio, so making some charms would give me a reason to put them to good use. Etched metal discs are also compelling to me right now...so that is also an option. Hmm, maybe a disc with resined paper attached with a tiny bolt?

The nice thing about making charms is you can work out several ideas and experiment as you produce the tiny trinkets. Sometimes I will make a series of ten or twelve and then not want to swap them because they all look so good together! I have made several charm bracelets from the many charms I have swapped and enjoy looking at all the tiny detail. One of the other great things about charm exchanges is that you have to just do the work. There is a deadline. Since I am such a procrastinator, I really enjoy that aspect of it.

We're going to have a few Celebrity Swappers at the Charm Exchange. Our first to turn in her charms is Elaine Ray. She made some really great ceramic charms. Maybe I'll get one!