Friday, October 09, 2009

Ornamentea at Raleigh Wide Open

We'll be going outside with metal smithing at Raleigh Wide Open 4 on October 24th. The members of the Metals Club will be teaching innocent passersby to stamp metal whether they want to or not. No, that's just a joke, folks have to pay and only have to do the project if they want to, but since the Metal's Club will be sporting their new, custom Metal Freak tee shirts they may be very convincing.

Come on down, the project only costs $5. Read the details about Raleigh Wide Open here. You can park at Ornamentea and take the R-line for free.

The Ornamentea booth will be in City Plaza. See you then!

(Um, I nicked this picture from the Raleigh Convention Center's website. Sorry, they should lock those images if they don't want scofflaws like me to 'borrow' them for promotional purposes.)