Wednesday, October 07, 2009

We were knitted! Alert the authorities!

Ornamentea has been the victim of a Random Act Of Knitting. This is a serious scourge upon our society and it must stop. Or it must continue until the entire bike rack is covered.

Random Acts of Knitting are street art. They put knitting where you least expect it, often in public places without the permission of the property owners or the public entities that 'own' the places. They make you laugh. They make you more comfortable. They could make you question who really owns what in our world, and why it would be a crime to knit something. Or they could just make you laugh again, and text pictures to your friends.

Want to see more Random Acts of Knitting? click here. Or here. Or here. This could be the end of civil society. Or cold society.

(I also just learned today that these items are knit elsewhere and then only stitched on the object quickly. Not knit in situ. I was imagining black-clad knitting ninjas working with matte black needles late at night to quickly knit covers for stop sign posts. "Quick, run, it's the cops, grab the needles!")