Sunday, November 08, 2009

I was sick, and now I am not

So last week I had a bit of a cold. I was useless for a day and then took a day (ish) off from work and laid around in sweats and warm socks, ate soup, read books and drank tea. All the usual things for a cold. Today I felt loads better and was able to be sorta nice to my family and even converse with them and not just hunch under a blanket, sniffling. I am sure they appreciated my improved mood. Now, tonight, I should get to bed early but I have post-sick bounce and am trying really hard not to repaint the living room, strip the wall paper in the bathroom or something else stupid. Why do I always do this? Is it my body's way of dealing with lots of sleep over the last 72 hours? Is it because I laid on the sofa looking at the walls thinking 'if we rearrange those pictures the wall would look a lot better?' for about 7 hours? Am I still feverish and don't recognize it? Seriously, it is a good thing the paint store is closed at this hour on a Sunday night. By tomorrow I will be back to normal. I hope.