Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thrifty&Swifty Gifties part 2

Do you know any knitters? I do, and I am always impressed by the way they whip out a knitting project anytime, anywhere. Beading and jewelry making may not seem as portable but they can be if you have a neat wrap to put your project and the needed tools into. Full-sized jewelry totes with every bead under the sun are too much to keep in your bag for whenever, but this reusable sandwich wrap project from Betz White has got me thinking. She has this project in her lovely book, Sewing Green and right here on CraftStylish. The sandwich wrap is lined with waterproof fabric to keep the sandwich mess inside and the nice fabric outside. The hook-and-loop Velcro holds it together.

Imagine replacing the lining with a bead mat cut to size and maybe even a piece of stiff cardboard or plastic. Viola, you could keep your tools, a coil of wire, a tube or baggie of beads and that 42 inch rosary chain your sister-in-law has been asking you to finish right inside. Close it up tight and throw it in your tote bag. The next time the knitters pull out a hat or socks just coyly open your Project Wrap and get to work. That'll show 'em.

These would be easiest to make a few at a time and then you could give them to your crafty friends. Or me.

Do you want fabric to cover your crafty wraps? Visit Betz' etsy shop for some lovely prints. I have some and the colors are more beautiful in person.