Monday, November 16, 2009

Mincing Mockingbird and Frantic Meerkat Steal A Car, news at 11

This photo shows Kim of the Frantic Meerkat, the mysterious Mincing Mockingbird and me at the Stationary Show last year. The Humanized Animals (as we call them but not to their faces) are two artists or maybe writers who create paintings, collages and really, really funny cards. I love their work and send these cards to friends and family who will get it. That list can be kinda short. Really, who DO you send a card featuring a collage of men fencing with kittycats? or a perfectly lovely painting of a songbird and the text "It's hard out here for a finch" ? Somehow, though, that card is just right for someone...someone I know. The Mockingbird also has created a giant freeway-billboard-sized painting of cars running off an overpass that is on my list of 10 Things I Will Buy If I Come Into A Giant Fortune. Sadly, the link I had to it no longer works so the image only lives in my brain. If I do Come Into My Giant Fortune I shall purchase a large billboard on I-440 and put that sucker right up there for all the hapless communters to ponder.

read their blogs for inspiration or amusement or just the sheer time-wasting fun of it all:
Mincing Mockingbird and Frantic Meerkat

and check out the cards at both stores.