Sunday, November 15, 2009

What will you accomplish before you turn 50?

What are you going to do before you turn 50? Run a marathon? Climb Denali? Swim with dolphins? Learn to surf? Christy from Colorado was in the store last week. She is on a quest to visit all 50 states before she turns 50. I know from this picture it looks like she has 15 years or so to accomplish that, but apparently she is older than she looks and so she's working really hard to get her goal accomplished. North Carolina was state #43 on the list and she decided to come here and visit our bead stores. She spent a very long weekend taking classes and just hanging out at our work tables. She was at Panopolie for about 11 hours! She has an eye for fun and playful things and makes charm bracelets and colorful adornments that really capture her personality. She loved both our stores (here I am, blushing) and told me she was having a great time. She made so many friends among the staff and the other customers that we'll all look forward to her next visit.

This is my decade to turn 50, as well, and I love the idea of a goal tied into that landmark birthday. I'd have to really ramp up the travel to hit all 50 states, or 50 countries. I could make 50 pieces of jewelry (oh, check!) but I think it should be something I have to work on a bit more. Perhaps doing 50 century bike rides (100 miles)? Or hiking 50 days on the AT? Or planting 50 blueberry bushes? I don't want a flock of 50 chickens. Do you have a goal you are trying to accomplish before your next milestone birthday? Better yet, do you have any ideas for me?