Thursday, February 11, 2010

Freaky fish...

One of the things I love about working in a bead store is the wide variety of people I meet. Late last year a woman came into the store and told me about her brother who made beads somewhere in Vermont, or maybe it was Maine. I can't remember. Honestly, it was a really busy Saturday. She showed me a fish bead and asked if we'd be interested in selling them in the store. I had to decline. The fish bead was interesting; odd, but interesting. Maybe too interesting? The dutiful sister left one with me and I promised to write a blog post about the bead and to make something with it.

Well, Mr.Fish has been sitting on my worktable staring at me since that day. I have looked at him many times, I designed a project or two that he could star in, but nothing was finished. Then, this last week I received an envelope of Freaky Fish Beads in the mail from the sculptor. It turns out he lives in upstate New York and has been making these beads for almost 30 years. The fish have a website,, where you can purchase the beads from the artist. And now, with a whole BUNCH of fish beads in my hands I have to say that I think I am really, really interested in them. Yeah, they are odd but the more I look at the fishes the more I like them.

I think I will go finish both of those projects.