Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to get beads onto ribbon...shh, it's a secret!

Would you like to know my secret for getting ribbon and some wider cords through bead caps and beads? Shh...don't tell anyone...

Well, actually, you can share this secret. I use Fray Check. This washable fabric glue is designed to use in quilting and fashion sewing. It glues knots invisibly and makes sure that button holes don't come unraveled.

I put a small drop of Fray Check on the end of a piece of silk cord or a section of ribbon and twist the end between my fingers to create a point. This will dry in about 60 seconds.

Then I feed this point through my bead cap or bead.

To pull strands into a bead cap I turn that ribbon end around and feed it back through the bead cap.

Both strands can be knotted or crimped depending on your design. What am I making? Well, you can sign up here to get my weekly Dispatch* and see this project finished and lovely tomorrow...or stay tuned here at the blog.

Where can you get Fray Check? At of course! We also have the silk cords, gathered filigree bead caps and fold-over ribbon ends shown in these pictures.

*of course, I never share or sell your information. I will use it to send you free projects, crafty ideas and other good stuff.