Monday, March 29, 2010

Butter Me Up necklace

This necklace idea is from the fabulous Andrea. She is a master of felting and also a witty wordster. I love the idea of wearing a tough knife at the neck and then asking for could also write 'I'll cut you!" but that is a different kind of message, no?

How did she make it? Andrea stamped her message into the knife with the 1/16th letter stamps, then punched the holes in the end of the knife using the fabulous 2-hole punch. She attached an 8" section of chain on each side with jump rings and put a clasp and jump ring on the ends of the chain. Voila! New jewelry.

See the detail below. Letter stamps are here and you'll need a bench block and hammer. Also the 2-hole punch. Go here for the knife and chain or visit our stores in Raleigh, NC for the whole shebang.

Can you think of any other messages that would be appropriate for a piece of cutlery? Forks, knives and spoons...

(we do have a Spoonful of Sugar project here...)