Thursday, March 18, 2010

our sweet petal beadcaps on Art Bead Scene

EDITED to correct the artist! These earrings were made by Heather Powers, Tari just sent me the link and I was so excited by the jewelry that I didn't read clearly! Sorry!

I just love the Art Bead Scene blog. Not only do I admire the bead artists who contribute to the blog; I adore the way they really show how beautiful artist-made beads are. Handmade, artist-made beads are just about all I want to work with anymore.

Tari Sasser, who makes really lovely beads and buttons (AND is a fellow Ohioan!) used some of our petal caps to create sweet blossoms in a tutorial today on Art Bead Scene in their Findings Worth Finding feature. Check out the original post, with the full tutorial, here.

The bead caps she used are here. For those beads from Humblebeads, go here and tell Heather I sent you. To visit Tari's work go to Creative Impressions.