Thursday, April 29, 2010

How Charming-International Charm Day

Today, April 28th, I distributed charms in and around Raleigh, NC as part of International Charm Day. I left charms hidden at Askew-Taylor paints, the Cameron Village Library, and the Fresh Market. I had grand plans for giving them directly to strangers but at the last minute I chickened out and decided to hide them around town with notes attached. I also had grand plans to hide ten charms in ten different locations but I was didn't end up doing that much running around today.

International Charm Day has no set rules: you can celebrate however you wish. I like the idea of making art to share with strangers (are you listening, Patti?) and so I decided to do a Charm Giveaway. Not all the charms are the monkey charms pictured, some are seashellish, a few are steampunky paper and resin...

If you find a charm, you'll know it's mine as it will have a note that says:

Hello! You have found a charm hidden by me in celebration of International Charm Day. Please wear it or give it away. I hope it made you smile to find this charm!

I also have my blog address on the note. Hopefully someone will contact me!